About Sushi Club

Why choose us?



Our chef carefully selects and produces the entire range of dishes from the original Japanese recipes.



Our food is prepared with fresh ingredients presented simply with a focus on flavour and quality that is uniquely Japanese.



We're expanding our menu every month to provide more choices, variety and better-for-you options.

A few words about Sushi Club Hurghada

Our mission

Make Japanese cuisine closer to you at an acceptable price!

The Sushi Club Hurghada offers you dishes of Japanese cuisine: Sashimi, Nigiri, Gunkans, Inari, Maki Rolls, California and Philadelphia Rolls, Udon and Glass wok Noodles - which will be delivered to your home, office, hotel or yacht.

We're working in Hurghada Area more information in the Delivery page.

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Our Rules

- We do not change our recipes on request. However, we can exclude any component (for example avocado, cream cheese, sesame, caviar, cucumber), but it will not affect the price.

- We do not change any items in Sushi Sets,Combos and Offers.

- We do not sell Half or Quarter of portion - only by complete roll. Rolls can contain 5, 6 or 8 pieces. Only Nigiri or Gungans are sold by pieces.

- We do not make extra discounts on Discounted items.

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