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About Sushi Club

About Sushi Home Delivery

About Sushi Club Hurghada
⦿ The Sushi Club Hurghada offers you dishes of Japanese cuisine: Nigiri Sushi, Gunkans, Maki Rolls, California Rolls, Dragon Rolls, Philadelphia Roll - which will be delivered to your home, office, hotel or yacht.
⦿ We're expanding our menu every week to provide more choices, variety and better-for-you options.
⦿ We're working in Hurghada area - more in the Delivery section.

Our mission
⦿ Our mission is to make Japanese cuisine closer to you at an acceptable price!

Chef and Food
⦿ Our chef carefully selects and produces the entire range of dishes from the original Japanese recipes.
⦿ Our food is prepared with fresh ingredients presented simply with a focus on flavour and quality that is uniquely Japanese.

Free Sushi Delivery in Hurghada area
⦿ Minimal order within Hurghada City: el Kawtar, Mubarak 2, Mubarak 5 - 150 egp.
⦿ Minimal order within Sakala, Hadaba, Madaras area - 200 egp.
⦿ Minimal order within Arabia, Dahar area - 250 egp.
⦿ Minimal order within Magawish, Mubarak 6, Intercontinental, El Hilal - 300 egp.
⦿ Minimal order within Senzo, Golden 5, Mubarak 7, Al Ahia area - 350 egp.
⦿ Minimal order within Sahl Hashish - 500 egp.
⦿ Minimal order within El Gouna, Makadi bay - 600 egp.
⦿ Orders less than 100 EGP you can get in the ​​EL Kawtar area. Ask our operators for the address.

⦿ Pre-Order from 24 hours and more discount - 10%
⦿ Birthday discount - 10% confirmation of birth date via Facebook
⦿ For all our customers we have cumulative sustem of discounts for all our customers(phone number assigned) if you have changed the phone number report please about it to our operator

Voucher - Free Roll
⦿ The voucher can be physical and electronic, tell the digital code of your voucher to our operator during the order.
⦿ The voucher for the Free Roll is valid in case of the order from 100 egp.
⦿ The greater the amount of your order, the more expensive Roll for Free: 100 egp - kappa maki, 150 egp - avocado maki, 200 egp - yasai, 250 egp - izumi maki, 300 egp - bonsai.
⦿ You can use a voucher code only one-time.

Our products You can order by phone 0100-547-5257 and 0128-505-8228 or online.